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Differences Between Men And Women - 905 Words

Our genders differ not because we want them to, but because its nature taking its course. History explains the story of how men and women have always been different. From the anatomy in the size of brains to life expectancy, men and women are each distinct. Camille Lewis points out that the difference between males and females is that each is biologically different. I disagree with Lewis that men and women innate their biological differences because their differences are also influenced by factors of the outside world in time. Men and women develop differently because they are driven to view the world from different perspectives. From the period of childhood to adulthood males and females experience and go through different things in different ways. The father nurture’s the son while the mother nurture’s the daughter. Small differences emerge because of the approach each male and female is provided. As a child grows up into a man or women, it is common that each gender’s behavior is based purely on the example that is set for them. â€Å"Whether we know it or not, our sons learn about being a man primarily by watching their fathers†(Parker). A boy will love American muscle cars, rough football games, and playing rough sports because it is what his father enjoys; therefore, it is common that the son will grasp same feelings towards the same interests. Girls on the other hand develop differently because they view the world from a female’s set example. A girl will connect with herShow MoreRelatedThe Differences Between Men And Women1171 Words   |  5 PagesHave you ever wondered what the differences are between men and women psychologically, and biologically? Men and Women are extremely different in many ways. Men act in certain ways and express themselves differently from how women do. There are many differences between the two genders including communicatio n skills, biologically different, and the cultural stereotypes that have separated the two genders socially. Many relationships end due to the fact of misunderstanding each other and how to communicateRead MoreDifferences Between Men And Women1405 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout history, there have been differences between men and women due to their gender. From different jobs to different roles in society, these differences have affected their lifestyles in the past as well as in the present and may continue into the future. These differences can go as far as to affecting their causes of death. Both men and women share several causes of death, including: heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lower respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, unintentional diseasesRead MoreDifferences Between Men And Women1420 Words   |  6 PagesThe differences between men and women were socially defined and distorted through a lens of sexism in which men assumed superiority over women and maintained it through domination. As the goal of equality between men and women now grows closer we are also losing our awareness of important differences. In some circles of society, politically correct thinking is obliterating important discussion as well as our awareness of the similarities and differences between men and women. The vision of equalityRead MoreDifference between men and women867 Words   |  4 Pages 9/22/13 Differences between Men and Women For centuries, the differences between men and women were socially defined through a lens of sexism, in which men assumed to be superior over women. The vision of equality between the sexes has narrowed the possibilities for discovery of what truly exists within a man and women. The world would be less interesting when everything is the same. Today none of us would argue that men and women are physically different, but they differ emotionally, and mentallyRead MoreDifferences Between Men And Women1338 Words   |  6 PagesOver the course of history, men and women have be faced with a communication barrier. The differing communication skills between men and women present challenges that can lead to foreseeable problems in relationships. These problems arise out of differing purposes, styles, traits, and emotions that accompany communication between the two sexes. Unless an understanding is reached, these barriers may never be broken down. The structure of men and women’s brain differ, which is the underlying causeRead MoreDifferences Between Men And Women907 Words   |  4 PagesMen and women have distinct differences in communication styles. Women are categorized by being more discussion oriented, while men are more action oriented. Depending on home environment and the way parents raise men and women, men sometimes are the ones who communicate most. Men who are raised around women are more apt to become more in touch with their sensitive side leading to being able to express their feelings more freely. Men and women are taught, through childhood guardians, to soar in differentRead MoreThe Differences Between Men And Women1180 Words   |  5 PagesBattle of the Sexes (What is the differences between men and women?) Man and women were made is the beginning of time. The reason why, we will never know, but throughout history these two beings have been compared through every aspects of life. Men are the dominate creatures, controlling the earth, while women are the nurturers. The obvious differences between men and women have been capitalized and fought over throughout humankind’s history. Many of the people in the world have strong opinions onRead MoreDifference Between Men And Women1445 Words   |  6 Pagesnumber of women taking the place of men in leadership nowadays. There was only 1 female CEO in the Fortune 500 companies in 1996, the number were raised to 12 in 2010 and raised further to 26 in the latest 2014 list (Fortune, 2015). Whether men are more suitable than women to play the role as leaders in the company and whether men’s manager abilities are greater than women’s abilities? Gender diversity causes differences in managerial methods between men and women, and I suggest that men and women areRead MoreDifferences Between Men And Women1746 Words   |  7 Pages Gender Differences in Communication Have you ever thought someone wasn’t listening to you? Or that your request is being ignored because the response wasn’t framed in a way it should have been? Maybe it’s because you were speaking to a person who was of a different gender. Men use short direct speech, while women use indirect dialogue. Therefore, when genders meet up there’s a gap in communication. Men and women unconsciously communicate differently in numerous ways, so by understanding each other’sRead MoreDifferences Between Men And Women949 Words   |  4 Pagestested was, women are more likely to prefer reading or viewing the news on the internet over watching news on television than men. Women seem to be more mature than men so it was thought that they would read or view more news. After running an Independent Samples T-test, the results shown that they are not statistically significant. Both men and women both like reading or viewing the news on the internet as well as on te levision. There is no statistical difference between men and women reading or

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Are Carbohydrate Binding Proteins That Play A Vital Role...

Abstract: Selectins are carbohydrate-binding proteins that play a vital role in inflammatory responses. These proteins are involved in the homing of leukocytes and have been implicated in numerous diseases, including autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis as well as various form of cancer. In addressing the role of selectins in autoimmune diseases, it has been found that they involved in the trafficking of immune cells to secondary lymphoid organs under normal conditions as well as to peripheral tissues during inflammation. Precise selectin–ligand interactions facilitate the recruitment of distinct immune cell subpopulations in specific target organs during autoimmune diseases. Additionally, selectins (and their ligands) are also vital for homeostasis and immune cell activation. Tissue-specific, selectin antagonists are fairly promising new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, however, a more precise mechanism for selectin l eukocyte targeting must be uncovered first. Selectins also have been found to translate their roles in cellular adhesion to metastatic progression when the correct ligand is present. Though selectins have been identified as potential facilitators of metastasis, they have not been studied as drug targets for treating cancer progression and metastasis. However, targeting selectins as a cancer metastasis treatment could prove very successful as seen from initial positive clinical findings regarding heparinShow MoreRelatedThe Death Of Patients With Pneumococcal Pneumonia1185 Words   |  5 PagesThe leading cause of death in patients diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia is respiratory failure. Other causes include respiratory and systemic organ failure (3). The Streptococcus pneumoniae bacterium has a lethal role in causing respiratory failure in patients with pneumonia. This disease is infectious in humans of all ages, but children and the elderly are at higher risk (5). Pneumonia can be classified based on how you can contract it. The basic types of pneumonia include; community-acquiredRead MoreNGFR Case Study1237 Words   |  5 PagesDiscussion Novel serum markers are vital, in the case of malignancies such as NSCLC, not only for diagnosis but also for prognosis evaluation and follow-up of the patients after treatment(13). The EGFR is a strong biomarker candidate for multiple reasons. First, it is overexpressed in most of the NSCLC tumours. This overexpression, ultimately is causing increased proliferation or cell motility, and decreased apoptosis, leading to the progression of the tumour(27). Another appealing reason is theRead MoreInnate Immunity : An Early Phase Of Defence Mechanism Against Intruding Microorganisms5373 Words   |  22 Pagesactivation of complement, activation of coagulation cascades, activation of pro-inflammatory signalling pathways and induction of apoptosis (Janeway and Medzhitov, 2002). PRRs have many families such as membrane-associated Toll-like receptors (TLRs) and C-type lectin receptors (CLRs), and the cytosolic NOD like receptors (NLRs), RIG-I-like receptors (RLRs), and AIM2-like receptors (ALRs). Immune responses (and the inflammatory response) in addition to pathogen recognition are activated by toll-like receptorsRead MoreAdipose Tissue : Overview Of Physiological Functions1625 Words   |  7 PagesBefore, body fat is simply known as a lipid droplet cell. Today, more studies and experiments are conducted in favor of examine the importance of adipose tissue’s function in the human body. Adipose tissue (body fat) has a significant physiological role to maintain body’s homeostasis. The following review will provide prominent knowledge of the adipose tissue’s development, structure, functions, and its relation to obesity. Adipose tissue is extremely essential for one’s health by performing as aRead MoreMolecular Basis Of Biology And Biotechnology4394 Words   |  18 PagesACRONYMS NSAIDs Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs CCl4 Carbon tetrachloride SGOT Serum Glutamate Oxaloacetate Transaminase SGPT Serum Glutamate Puruvate Transaminase GGT Gamma Glutamyl Transferase MDA malondialdehyde HCC Hepatocellular carcinoma DCM Dichloromethane DMSO Dimethysulfoxide EDTA Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid IP Intra-peritoneal ABSTRACT Liver plays a physiological role process in the human body bearing key roles like secretion of bile, vitamin storageRead MoreEssay6093 Words   |  25 Pages 12 11. Regeneration by liver progenitor cells (2nd line of defense) 13 12. Identifying the intrinsic liver stem cells 15 13. Physiological role of progenitor cells 16 14. Liver stem cell niche 17 15. Conclusion Read MoreMonitoring Assisted Reproductive Technology ( Icmart )9447 Words   |  38 Pagesendometrial wall of the uterus.3 In a study carried out in south western Nigeria, the common causes of infertility were: tubal factor (39.5%), uterine factor (30%), and ovarian factor (13%).5 Other causes included cervical factor (3%), pelvic inflammatory disease PID (5.5%), and endometriosis (2.5%).5 In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment offers the highest pregnancy rate irrespective of the cause of infertility.6 The first successful IVF procedure was documented by Dr Edwards and Dr Steptoe inRead MoreSocm Study Guide Essay30404 Words   |  122 Pagesand physiology, and describe the various specialties within each discipline Anatomy – the study of internal and external structures and the physical relationship between body parts. Physiology – the study of how living organisms p0erform the vital functions. Microscopic Anatomy – study of structures that can not be seen by the naked eye. Cytology – analyzes the internal structure of individual cells. Histology – the study of tissues Gross Anatomy – considers features visible withRead MoreDual ACC1 / ACC2 Inhibition9209 Words   |  37 PagesNPY Y5-recombinant Baculovirus. The radioligand used was iodine-125 labeled PYY ligand. Herein the IC50 values of compounds 3a–n were less than 10 ÃŽ ¼M, with compounds having an IC50 of less than 500 nM or less than 100 nM.11 The results of this binding assay showed that these compounds may be used in treatment of disorders that are characterized by an excess of NPY, including cardiovascular diseases, renal system disorders, cerebral diseases, conditions of pain or nociception, abnormal foodRead MoreModule Quizzes Essay14245 Words   |  57 PagesReduced In the case of someone who wants to lose weight, they will be using the process of oxidation - losing electrons. They will want to oxidize their stored food in their fat cells. This is called _________ Catabolism A group of interconnected proteins called ____ hydrogen ions and electrons from the chemicals that make up our food. Enzymes In the case with the cell producing ATP; the more ATP that is generated the more the ATP generating machinery will shut down. This is an example of which

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Home Is the Place Where Heart Lives Free Essays

The first meaning is that where you live, that is where your heart is. You physically may be away from home however your heart is in the place that you live. You wish you were there because it gives you peace and joy and comfort to be there. We will write a custom essay sample on Home Is the Place Where Heart Lives or any similar topic only for you Order Now Consider this verse: Philippians 3:20 For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ: I believe that real followers of Christ can relate when I say that I would much rather be in heaven than here on earth. When you learn about the love of Jesus and compare it to the lusts of this world, one seeks to be with Jesus more than anything. The Bible does a great job of describing our future home in the Book of Revelation in Chapter 22. My heart is there right now. I wish to be there rather than down here. Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. -Oliver Wendell Holmes Most people don’t understand the concept of a ‘home’. For some, it’s just a building with a roof and four walls surrounding us. But on behalf of my regard I find it as a place where the soul lives, the memories get created and the real upbringing from the darkness to enlightment of life begins. Home sweet home is always there deep inside the heart of every living individual. Having one’s home is an old dream, as old as this universe is. Home is a place where basic, emotional, psychological and social needs of every individual member are fulfilled; a place for family living, where every individual enjoys the happiness, feels comfortable, gets maximum relaxation, passes on family traditions and customs from one generation to the other and can keep their treasure safely . Home is ranked as a man’s paradise. It is a place in which human beings enjoy the happiness, love and affection, comfort, entertainment and indulge in various activities they like. It’s not built with just the bricks and stones but with the love and affection which it indulges within itself. The greatest example is the Taj Mahal. It’s famous and immortal in human minds only because of the great love of Shah Jahan for Mumtaz. Hence that mansion belonged not only to him but also to his soul. House is a place where our feelings and thoughts get a peace of mind and security. AS we grow up the relationship bondage wit house increases gradually and it too becomes a part of our life†¦ Even for some it is the only memento and remembrance of their father, mother and ancestors. Hence they treat it as God. According to Hindus, the most sacred place is the place where our essence stays i. e. home. We start dreaming in this place, our inspiration gets its wings in this wonderful creation. But most important the sense of being our own is bent here. In simple sentence I l title its need as-the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, and the house allows one to dream in peace. â€Å"Charity begins at home, but should not end there. †Ã‚   Thomas Fuller One learns his charity, morality, and ethics of life in this house. How to cite Home Is the Place Where Heart Lives, Essay examples

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Thomas Jefferson

Table of Contents Introduction Education background Early Career Dates Serving in highest federal office Achievements as a federal government official Later years/death Works Cited Introduction The logician was born in Shadwell in 1743 (Malone, 11). His father was a triumphant farm owner and surveyor while his mother originated from one of the renowned families in Virginia. His matrimony produced six children, but only two lived to maturity. Jefferson lived in Monticello where he expanded his business while erecting his dwelling. Thomas, the third president of the US, was a historian, public executive and truth-seeker who served his country industriously for decades.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Thomas Jefferson specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Education background At age nine, he was edified by a clergyman who skilled him on Greek, Latin and French (Kelly). Jefferson then attended Reverand James Mauryâ₠¬â„¢s association before joining William and Mary institution in the early 60s, and finally learning law with George, a revolutionary law professor in the US. Early Career He took over his parent’s agricultural estate and workforce where he furthered his early vocation as a farm administrator. He had a peculiarity in being a structural designer, natural scientist and multilingual (Malone, 11). After college, he trained in law and operated in local administration as a magistrate, district deputy, and an affiliate of the House of Burgesses. In 1776, he was preferred to outline the Declaration of Independence owing to his pose in the Continental Congress, which has been unanimously considered as a bond of the US and international autonomies. The paper emphasized on impartiality in race and assets and the function of the regime in serving the populace. After parting congress in 1776, he revisited his home to serve as a voted agent (Kelly), where he governed the section from 1779- 1781. There was a short-lived break in his personal life in the last year, where he summarized notes about Virginia. He had political adversaries who hardheartedly disparaged his headship as a governor (Bernstein, 81), citing his unavailability during predicaments. Dates Serving in highest federal office Three years later he returned to communal service where he served as a commerce representative in France, before later succeeding Benjamin Franklin as minister (Morse, 71). He helped settle commercial treaties while in France due to the opposition of some European countries to the US fiscal propositions. Thomas attributed their unawareness on the insufficient information they had in the rewards of commerce to both parties. He strengthened his knowledge in European literature during this period, while delivering books, information and diverse materials to Monticello.Advertising Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF L earn More George Washington, a special associate, offered him the post of the state secretary in 1790 (Morse, 88), amid Jefferson’s unwillingness. He quit the position, after being undermined by Washington due to his marginal position among the representatives. During his short-lived departure, he devoted his time to the farm and his family, while trying out new machinery and commenced the creation of Monticello. Six years later, as a presidential entrant, he occupied the post of the vice-president after minimally losing to a close friend (Coates). Four years later, however, he became president, where there was the most nonviolent shift of command in the nation’s history. Achievements as a federal government official He had several achievements in his occupancy, the most notable one in the first term coming when he procured Louisiana in 1803, and his sustaining the Lewis and Clark mission (Coates). His second term was more exigent both internally and overseas, but he is lauded for the pains he endured to uphold impartiality in the center of the Britain-France differences. Jefferson revised the criminal regulations, which was later certified in 1796. He had numerous supportive bills, for example, the conception of modern libraries which took time to be implemented (Coates). He proposed a state of spiritual autonomy, which was unfortunately discarded, causing distress in the nation for practically a decade, before passing in 1786. Jefferson made noteworthy contributions by suggesting the use of the decimal structure which prejudiced the use of the dollar as the central fiscal unit in the US. He is best considered for his championing for liberation, despite the unfriendliness received from scholars (Kelly). Worldwide, he remains a radiant, inspirational symbol for the major US parties, open-minded reformers across the world, and buoyant democrats. Some of his quotations are pertinent in the present social order, signifying autonomy, and the essent iality of principles in resolutions. Later years/death Thomas left his presidency in1809 to a close comrade, before heading back to Monticello to spend the afterward part of his life. His sold his collected literatures to the state to ease the creation of a library. At 76, he partook his last grand communal service by ensuring the groundwork of a university in Virginia (Kelly), where he fore-fronted the lawmaking procedure of acquaintance, securing its locality, scheming its structures, scheduling its syllabus and serving as the first parson.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Thomas Jefferson specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More He passed away in 1826, at the age of 83, on the 50th centennial of the marking of the Declaration of Independence (Coates). His epitaph echoed what he had given the populace, rather than what they had given him. He yearned to be remembered for his causes to attain sovereignty from Britain, se lf-determination of principles, and achievement of autonomy through edification. Works Cited Bernstein, Richard. Thomas Jefferson. New York: Oxford university press, 2005, pp. 81-89. Coates, Eyler. Life of Thomas Jefferson. Web. Available at Kelly, martin. Thomas Jefferson biography- third president of the United States. American history, 2010. Web. Available at Malone, Dumas. Thomas Jefferson: a brief biography. North Carolina: UNC press books, 2002, pp. 10-11. Morse, John. Thomas Jefferson. South Carolina: BiblioBazaar, LLC, 2008, pp. 1-295. This essay on Thomas Jefferson was written and submitted by user Arian Harrell to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Comparing Historical and Present Landscapes in the East Cascades of the Washington State

Comparing Historical and Present Landscapes in the East Cascades of the Washington State Introduction There are many ways to evaluate the changes within a specific ecosystem in a particular landscape. Among the most efficient methods, a comparison between the historical and the present-day landscape can be used (Hessburg, Agee Franklin, 2005).Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Comparing Historical and Present Landscapes in the East Cascades of the Washington State specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More With the help of the latter, it is possible to find out whether the impact on a particular landscape has been positive or negative and what further steps are to be undertaken. The analysis of the current and the historical landscape in the East Cascades of the Washington State will possibly help determine the pattern of the landscape development, as well as set the strategy for the further course of actions concerning the management of the given landscape. Methods To explore the pattern of change within the landscape ecology of the East Cascades of the Washington States, the data assembled by Dr. Paul Hessburg’s research group was used. In the course of research, the Fragstas 3.3 program was used to analyze the landscape. The ArcMap technology was utilized to view the data. Finally, to conduct the evaluation of the landscape change, the qualitative analysis was used, well as some elements of quantitative analysis. Results Considering the data that was sorted according to the principle â€Å"‘met06’=Methow subwatershed 06. Last names G-J,† the amount of herbland has changed sufficiently over the course of the East Cascades history, spreading south and southeast. The forest area, however, remained the same, with few exceptions in the northeastern part of the land. Quite similarly, the nonforest area did not change much, apart from the small patches that disappeared from the southeastern parts of the landscape.Advertising Looking for research paper o n ecology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Speaking of the changes in the vegetation system of the forest, or, as Hessburg, Salter, Richmond and Smith defined it, â€Å"a theoretical endpoint of succession in the absence of disturbance† (Hessburg, Salter, Richmond Smith, 2000, p. 166), one must mention that the deforestation process has took its toll, since more parts of the area have been marked as â€Å"non-forest† ones. In addition, the area covered by old forest multi-storey has also decreased, giving more room to the young forest multi-storey parts of the forest. Likewise, old forest single storey has moved northeast, giving its way to the young forest multi-storey elements. In addition, the area covered by stem exclusion open canopy has grown smaller over the past few decades, with only several elements scattered sideways across the area. The amount of trees that are currently in the stand initiation sta ge has also changed; while in the past, only two small areas of SI trees could be found, at present, the central and the southern part of the forest are in the phase of stand initiation. The amount of trees that are currently in the stage of understory re-initiation has, on the contrary, remained the same. It is also important to mention that the intensity of firelines in certain parts of the East Cascades has changed over the past few decades. According to the data obtained with the help of the Fragstats 3.3, the amount of instances of fireline has gone down in the western area from 2 (in central parts of the west area) to 1. The changes in the northern part of the area are also rather gratifying, with the instances of firelines going from 3 to 1 in most parts of the area. Finally, it is noteworthy that the southwestern spot in the East Cascades area, which was notorious for 6 firelines per year, has had only 3 to 5 firelines.Advertising We will write a custom research pape r sample on Comparing Historical and Present Landscapes in the East Cascades of the Washington State specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The instances of 7 firelines per year, however, have been noticed in the north and southwest, though previously,.west and north-west were known for suffering 7 firelines running. Generally speaking, one must admit that the number of firelines has declined. Discussion When assessing the changes that have taken place in the mean patch area of the landscape in the given time slot, one must admit that there have been radical changes in the development of the landscape of the East Cascades area over the past few years. According to the obtained data, nowadays, the largest mean patch area in the East Cascades landscape consists of young forest multi-storey patches; the recent data shows that the latter take almost 278 (277,7067) sq. km. In the past, however, the mean patch area in the East Cascades consisted mostly of non-forest landscape (206,5067 sq. km). Therefore, it can be concluded that the rates of deforestation have dropped considerably and that the forest ecosystem is getting stronger. The given idea can be supported by the fact that the amount of young trees has increased compared to the previous records, while the amount of old trees has narrowed down. Therefore, such factors as the restoration of the balance between the old and the young trees plays a great role in shaping the mean patch area scale. It is also important to outline the difference between the mean and the median patch area. According to the existing definition, a median patch area allows to evaluate the â€Å"sample median value† (USDA, 1999, p. 66). Therefore, it can be concluded that, in contrast to the mean patch area, median patch area offers a midpoint of all patch areas in question. As a counterpoint to the mean patch area, it allows to see how even a specific element is distributed across the land.Adver tising Looking for research paper on ecology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In the East Cascades, the Shannon diversity index has increased, with the split in the increase of various landscape elements ranging from 248,16 (non-forest) to –597,92 (young forest multi-storey). Speaking of the shape complexity, however, one has to mention that the rates of the given parameter have also declined, which can be explained by the massive fire that was witnessed in the northern and northwestern parts of the area. The fires must have also influenced the rates of contagion in the area; according to the recently obtained data, the contagion rates have also risen, allowing for a more rapid fragmentation of the landscape. It is crucial to stress that the structures that can be classified as young forest multi-storey have increased in size and variety. The given data stands in a sharp contrast to the information concerning the old forest. As it has been previously mentioned, the amount of old forest elements has dropped. The given change can be the result of the fir es that gripped the area in the past few years. At first, the given change might seem deadly to the forest, since so many elements have been taken out of the picture. On a second thought, one must admit that the fires allowed to make way for the young forest multi-storey, thus, renewing the forest ecosystem. However, judging by the high rates of the areas that are very vulnerable to fires, one must admit that the given area should be managed to protect it from intense exposure to fires. Literature Cited Hessburg, P. F. Salter, R. B., Richmond, M. B. and B. G. Smith. 2000. Ecological subregions of the Interior Columbia Basin, USA. Applied Vegetation Science 3, 163–180. Hessburg, P. F., Agee, G. K. and J. F. Franklin. 2005. Dry forests and wildland fires of the inland Northwest USA: Contrasting the landscape ecology of the pre-settlement and modern eras. Forest Ecology and Management 211, 117–139. USDA. 1999. Historical and current forest and range landscapes in the inte rior Columbia River Basin and portions of the Klamath and Great Basins. USDA, Washington, D.C.

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To Outline or Not to Outline, That is the Question

To Outline or Not to Outline, That is the Question To Outline or Not to Outline, That is the Question To Outline or Not to Outline, That is the Question By Guest Author This is a guest post by Idrees Patel. If you want to write for Daily Writing Tips check the guidelines here. Creative writers are divided into two camps: those who outline and those who don’t: the ones who write straight on and on. Is it wrong to outline? Which method brings the best results? From the beginning of writing, some people like to write an outline before starting writing. However, there are also many which hate to do so. And then there are some who mix the two methods to create their own method. But which is the best? There is no right answer for everyone. You must find your own right answer. Of course, this is the right answer but an elaboration for it isn’t quite a bad idea. So here’s the proper answer: outlining works for some people. And it doesn’t for others. The what and why of outlining is a must to know, so therefore, here is The What of Outlining To outline is to draw something of a big picture of your work (it may be anything, a novel, a story, a blog post, a sales letter etc) before starting to write the content. Outlining means to write all the ideas spinning in your mind down to paper and arrange them in a logical fashion to make the actual writing easier. Still confused? Here is the Wikipedia definition: An outline is a list of the main features of a given topic, often used as a rough draft or summary of the content of a document. A hierarchical outline is a list arranged to show hierarchical relationships. Writers of fiction and creative nonfiction, such as Jon Franklin, may use outlines to establish plot sequence, character development and dramatic flow of a story, sometimes in conjunction with freewriting. Here is what a typical outline may look like: The abuses of television: How children stay late at night and don’t do their school homework How they hamper their eyesight by watching too much TV How bad programmes have a dangerous effect on teenagers How they dedicate too much time to it instead of taking part in useful pursuits And so on. The general opinion is that by doing outlining the writing process will become easier. Why? Because we now have a roadmap which we can follow. Or not The Advantages of Outlining 1. Not getting lost. This is clearly the biggest advantage. Some SOTP (seat of the pants writers) hate outlining. They write without having a roadmap and this is fun for some time. And then the inevitable happens. They don’t know what to write anymore. In contrast, having an outline means that writers always know what to write. 2. Deciding whether your work is good or not. If you don’t know how your story is going to end or go on, then you don’t really know whether it is good or not. It would be painful, wouldn’t it, to discover big plot holes and flaws after having written 50,000 words. Whereas if you outline you know instantly what flaws there are, and you can correct them easily. 3. Straying off the outline if you get a better way. If you are writing and then suddenly get an inspiration and think that the outline was poorer, you are entirely free to stray off the outline. It’s just that, an outline. This way you can compare the two ways, and decide which is better. You couldn’t do this if you didn’t have an outline. 4. Writing with a sense of flow. You know how this will go on. After finishing this, you know you’ve got to do that. Then there are no messy unorganized chapters and scenes (or whatever you’re else you’re writing). You get a sense of flow, and your work will be finished faster. The Disadvantages of Outlining 1. Spoils the mystery and the fun. Okay, sometimes you may not want mystery and you may not want any fun. In that case, you should ignore this point. But for fiction writers, some don’t want to outline because they feel they cannot use their creativity and it takes away all the fun if you just fill it up. To solve this problem, Randy Ingermanson revealed a new method – the Snowflake method. It does let you outline, but doesn’t let it spoil your story. 2. May not be as good as you first thought. If you get a complete different idea for your story later, your outline is pretty much useless work. Therefore, you should try to get all the best ideas from your brain and commit them down to paper to avoid this problem. 3. Just doesn’t seem to agree with your writing style. Some people find it hard to write from an outline. They want their writing to be creative: as creative as possible. I’m one of those writers, although I sometimes write few of my ideas so that I don’t forget it. Lengthy outlining doesn’t work for some, although it does for others. It’s useless to find a one-size-fit-all outlining method, simply because there’s no such thing. Conclusion: Undecided, no right answer for everyone It all comes back to square zero. There are ton of different writing methods and processes, even different outlining methods. But don’t just try to use one because it happens to be popular or famous. It may not work for you, and cost you a whole load of precious time. Only use the method which your brain seems to like. My writing method is a bit of a mix: not an outline and not a SOTP. Maybe yours is too; or maybe you like outlining in its most literal sense. Or maybe you hate it and just like to write freely. Take your pick and have fun. No reason to write if you don’t even like your writing method. Outlining works for some people. Some famous authors can’t write without a lengthy synopsis. If you’re an outliner, you’re in good company. And of course outlining doesn’t work for some people. If you’re a SOTP, you too are in good company of famous authors. Finally, if you choose to be creative and mix it up a little, you’ll find plenty more authors with your method. Just write with which you’re most comfortable. So that’s it. After having learned the advantages and disadvantages of outlining, it’s your choice whether you choose to use it or not. It doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy writing. Write and love it. About the Author: Idrees Patel is a 13 year old blogging about creative writing tips at Check out his free series, Creative Writing 101: a beginner’s guide to creative writing. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! 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Pivot Column Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Pivot Column - Assignment Example The column (r) becomes an r-nth column. In a tableau the pivot column is the column that has the most negative integer. If there are no negative indicators then the tableau is already considered final and the solution is already evident. The pivot row is the row with the smallest non-negative ratio (quotient). The pivot element is the number that sits at the intersection of the column with the most negative indictor (pivot column) and the row with the smallest quotient (pivot row). The example below is from â€Å"The Simplex Method† (n.d. web). This scenario was based on three different products ( s , t, u) and three different machines required to make those products. Note all calculations are done from the basic solution that x, y, and z, (number of units per product) are all zero. The original numbers used and the full calculation can be found in the reference section. In this first set of calculations the pivot column is in blue, the pivot row is in yellow and the pivot element is in green. The pivot element is found by first selecting the pivot column (the one with the most negative indicator) – in this example it is column 1 with -6. Then the constant on the right of the bar needs to be divided by the corresponding non-zero element in the pivot column and this will give you the smallest quotient (pivot row) and the intersection of these two (row and column) will give you the pivot